Panasonic AE-7000U - RS232 Codes

I have the Panasonic AE7000U projector, connected to roomie via the IP2Serial device. The unit is working well, however the code set is pretty limited as it stands today.

Is there a way to add the commands to control the lens settings. The projector will auto sense the aspect ratio of the content being projected, then select one of the saved lens settings to adjust the projector to fill a 2.35:1 screen or a 16:9 screen.

I’d like to see the ability, with a button in Roomie, to turn the auto selection on/off and also be able to manually select a saved lens setting.

From the research I’ve done - this is one of primary advantages of the serial interface vs the IR interface on the projector.

Thanks - if you need more details - just let me know.


We’ve added the following to the next library update (not the 8/4 update that just went live):


Feel free to contact support and we’ll send it to you before the next update, or let us know if you need any other codes.

This is what you call support!! Thanks so much for the response…I’ll contact support to get the update if possible.


Any chance these codes work on the AE-4000U as well?

It’s a near certainty that it does. We just haven’t internally confirmed it so we don’t officially list it.

Great. I will get a global cache series unit and test it out. Should I let you guys know if it works?

Sure, we would love to add it to the supported list if it works.


I picked up a serial unit and a straight through cable and hooked it all up to my AE4000, and it doesn’t do anything. is there any additional setup, or is this an indication that the 7000 codes don’t work on the 4000?

Probably the baud rate or the cable. We have a FAQ designed for that question here:

Yep, it was the baud rate. Thanks for pointing me in the right direction! Works like a charm.

I have a AE3000 and the AE7000 codes work for the most part

there are some codes missing and I’ve tried adding the projector manually through a RoomieCodes.plist but can’t get the codes to work, is it possible to look at the AE7000 Code.plist or could some one tell me what the right ASCII format is the projector is.

I’d be happy to make a complete codes list for the AE3000

Here is a sample from the 7000 command set:


All the other commands look pretty much the same.

Thanks so much for the quick response, that is amazingly helpful!

one more question is this a lineio input?


No, the method for that is binary.

Fantastic, that was it

Got it working, thanks again!

How does one submit a codes.plist?

I’d be happy to share when I’m done can take submissions, thanks.