Panasonic Bluray/Tuner/HDR combo

In some territories (Europe, Australia) Panasonic has some interesting ‘unified’ devices: 3D BluRay player/recorder, dual HDTV tuner, hard disk recorder, DLNA-compliant network player & smart TV platform. They come in DVB-S (satellite), DVB-T (Freeview/terrestrial) and DVB-C (cable) flavors and support pay TV (encryption) via smartcards as well. Models include the DMR-PWT530EB & DMR-BWT735 (UK, Australia), DMR-BCT735EG & DMR-BST835EG (Germany). Reviews are pretty good.

For me this combination is very interesting, so I’m seriously considering getting one.

Now the reason for my post. Last week I switched from iRule to Roomie and like it so far. A main criterium from now on for new gear will be its IP compatibility. Judging by the specs of the Panasonic devices listed above they resemble their TV platform, the 2013 60-series to be precise. As I have a 42" DT60 in my kitchen I know I can control it over IP with Roomie, except Power on (WOL) as this is disable for European models for some reason. On the other hand, it could be based on a 2013 Panasonic Bluray player and, based on the Roomie IP compatibility list, these are not IP controllable…

Any thoughts on how likely this device can be IP controlled with Roomie?


Update - I just received the Panasonic DMR-BCT835 (German DVB-C model) and, it seems, no dice.

It seems closer in architecture to a 2013-model Bluray than a 2013 TV. Auto discovery doesn’t find it and trying some potential port number like 80, 50000 and 60606 with manual IP and either a Panansonic TV or Bluray device in Roomie doesn’t work.

My fear is no IP control for this device. Will do some more tests but probably will return or sell it…