Panasonic DMP-BBT01

I’m looking at this player to solve a problem. My AV installers hacked up my dresser drawers in my bedroom to hide all of my components. Looks and works great, especially with Roomie!

My current Blu-Ray player (Samsung) doesn’t support IP Power, and I don’t want to run emitters since my TV (Sharp Elite) and stb (DirecTV H25) both support IP control.

This BD player is TINY. And would fit in the drawer and allow me to play discs without having to lift the player up every time.

I imagine it would work since most other Panasonic players have full support, but wanted to check.


I just bought two of these to mount to the wall behind my TVs. IP Power is supported, but you have to set a special preference (Quick Start) to allow it.

Awesome! Thanks Igerbarg. Is the remaining complement of Roomie functionality supported as well?

The BBT-01 is listed on the IP Compatibility page and does support all of the feedback provided by Panasonic which include play position feedback and the ability to set your position instantly on the disc using the slider.

On a side note, Panasonic provides no feedback when playing a DVD for some strange reason. Just Blu-ray.

Thank you.

I’m an idiot. Yes, it is there. I’m not sure why I didn’t see it before. It probably got lost in a bunch of windows.

Thank you!