Panasonic DMP-UB900 via IP

Can anybody help me controlling the Panasonic UHD Player DMP-UB900 via IP? When I tap “Add Device”, the player is listed correctly as “Panasonic DMP-UB900 Blu-ray Player”. In the “Add Device” screen however, it says "Panasonic Blu-ray Player BDT Series (2001/2012 Models). When I tap “Test Remote”, the device does not respond to any commands (they appear red in the list).

I am aware that it would probably work OK over IR, but I’d really prefer IP. I appreciate any help.

No reason to believe that model has any IP control which is why we do not list it. Panasonic has not had IP control in Blu-ray Players since their 2012 models – which had excellent IP control, but then they abandoned most of the market and outsourced their player firmware. If we become aware of any changes there, we’d certainly look into it. More likely, the UHD players with good IP control will end up being Sony and Oppo as usual. This first wave seems a bit rushed. They all work great via IR.

Thank you.

Thanks for the explanation.