Panasonic DMPBDT130

I’ve done a search of the forum and also looked at the IP compatibility list but this player isn’t listed.

can an anyone confirm if this player is fully compatible with Roomie?

Many thanks.

It’s listed as a supported infrared device.

Thank you.

Thanks for the reply.

I’m looking for a player with IP support rather than IR. It appears many of the listed models are for the US market and trying to find them in the UK is difficult.

Can anyone recommend a good low priced Blu-Ray player which is IP compatible and readily available in the UK?

Low price plus full IP control is going to mean Sony. The Sony BD models from 2013 and 2014 listed on the IP Compatibility list should all be excellent choices.

Thank you.


Ive ve been searching for the Sony models listed in the UK but they seem hard to find. The 3100 appears to be discontinued here and I can’t find the 5100 but the 5200 is available. However the 5200 isn’t listed as compatible. The 3200 also doesn’t appear to be available in the UK.

Looking at the available Sony models in my price bracket, the BDP-S4200 looks ideal but is it fully IP controllable?

The 5200 should work fine. Any model that says it works with the Sony app is fine would be the basic test.

We’ll correct the compatibility list.

Thank you.

Many thanks for the replies. All very helpful.