Panasonic DMR-BWT720 compatibility

I notice that there are no Hard Disk recorders/Blu-ray players (recorders) in the compatibility list. I purchased Roomie to control, amongst others, our Panasonic DMR-BWT720 which is a blu ray player/recorder, hard disk recorder with IP control and two-way communication (can stream video wirelessly to an Ipad via Panasonic app).

I can’t see it in auto discovery (although other Ipad remotes such as the Denon remote can see it immediately) and setting it up via manual IP on port 80 works but the remote(s) are missing the necessary functions for a recorder.

Is it possible to get this model added?

The Denon remote also shows things like a Yamaha receiver. It’s just blindly spitting out anything on your network which it obviously isn’t able to control.

Roomie on the other hand is making an attempt to distinguish between what it knows it can control and what it can’t. In your case, it’s an unsupported device so it’s not showing it.

OTOH it mostly works as you’ve noticed if you add it manually. We don’t have the additional codes though for DVR functions on that and no such models exist here – that model and even that product type are specific to your country. The whole product category just doesn’t exist in the US. We can’t add that unless we get the codes which will require a WireShark run on the actual unit.

Thank you.

Actually this model is available in at least NewZealand, Australia and the UK. It’s unfortunate that nothing similar is available because these units are extremely flexible and able to transfer recordings to blu ray disk and pc.

So what would we be looking for running Wireshark and how would the commands be generated across the network (play, stop, navigator, etc?) Unfortunately there is not an app that provides complete control of this machine; the DIGA player allows the wireless broadcast of either television channels or recorded content direct to an Ipad, even when the machine is on standby, but this app only has limited controls such as pause and skip.