Panasonic DP-UB820

Does Simple Control support this through IR or Ethernet? The terms of condition seem to imply that it has ethernet control. It is not listed on the compatibility page (unless I missed it).

We actually purchased this model and researched it extensively. I’m pretty sure it’s hopeless. They don’t claim IP control, they don’t publish their own app for control, it does not respond to any known Panasonic protocols. Their website implies it does Miracast but even that seemed totally non-functional. Then, the physical remote it included was the same remote we got with a BDT-320 we purchased in 2013. I’ve never purchased a test unit of something that I can recall where we were not able to find some kind of IP control, but genuinely this box defeated me and we actually returned it.

If something changes and suddenly some firmware update comes out that appears to offer some kind of control, please let me know and we’ll happily look into it as I was hoping for a viable replacement for Oppo, but for now that model was definitely not it.

It works fine via infrared of course.

I’m not sure what is going on with Panasonic these days. They used to be good. Will’s story is sad, but not that surprising.

I have a (circa 2010) Panasonic best-model plasma and a Blu-Ray player. Over the years, various Viera-Cast Apps on both went stale and bad. So much for networking abilities and Internet updates increasing their useful lives.

Both have Ethernet, but neither are IP controllable.