Panasonic TH-42PZ70 Component Input

I have a Panasonic viera plasma which is a few years old now. I have just bought an itach ip2ir and am having problems getting the tv to switch to its component inputs. Roomie seems to control most other things correctly, including switching to HDMI 1 of 2 and VGA, but component in, video inputs and antenna inputs don’t work. I have tried all input codes, increased the retransmits and tried a high repeat value but nothing seems to work. I have found a Panasonic document at … format.pdf with the discrete ir codes in it, but how can I check the codes roomie is already using and change them if they are wrong?

Many thanks for any help you can provide.

While we didn’t compare every code in that document, we can verify that INPUT COMPONENT 1 from that document is 100% the same code as the code Roomie uses for that command. The other codes did look similar as well. These kinds of codes basically never change so if your set is from those model years (~2006) and does not respond to that command, we would guess that it probably was not engineered to respond to that discrete code. (Panasonic sometimes does that even today and we’ve even seen that kind of thing on bottom end 2012 Panasonic models, so it would be very much less than surprising.)

Thanks for your reply. I have found a very slightly different code on-line and would like to give it a try. Is it possible to override the built in codes using the RoomieCodes.plist functionality?

With the addition in 1.3 of the ability to select any device for any command and assign it to any button, there is no longer really a significant need for an override. You would just define a supplemental command set for that code and then use it wherever you like.