Panasonic TH-50PZ850U RS232C Commands

Just getting everything setup and noticing that there is limited control of my TV.
Power on/off works and Picture format works. Input switching and numeric channel entry aren’t working. I also notice there is only 3 inputs in the controller. This TV has 4 hdmi (3 back, 1 front), 1 PC (VGA) 2 Component, 2 Composite/SVideo and Cable/Antenna (TV).
If we could get a more complete command set that would be great!

There is an INPUT SCROLL command in that serial set. That should work with your model. Meanwhile, we did find the HDMI 1-4 commands and have added them to the next library update. However, we have not found any published codes for DIGIT 0-9 via Serial for Panasonic TVs as yet.

I tried the input scroll command and it did nothing. Glad to hear that the HDMI inputs were found. How about the TV input? That’s what I’ll be switching between the most is TV and HDMI1. I would then need the ability to change channels. I guess I’ll just have to be patient. I did find a PDF on the internet for P-Series Plasma serial commands if that helps for testing.

Tried the new HDMI commands this morning. No luck. Still does nothing.
I did read on the forum how to edit the plst files though so I’m going to try these commands I found in the PDF. I’m also going to call Panasonic to see if I can get anywhere there. I was also reading on a Control4 forum that some users with the same model have got their TVs working with a driver. Maybe someone on that forum can pass along the codes. If I get some success I’ll post a link to my file.

Email support and we’ll send you the current code set to work from. We have the PDFs, so we think it’s unlikely that will be productive. There is a way though to get the input codes out of the TV itself that we can help with at email support.

Great. Will do.

I have just emailed support a PDF that has a complete list of tested commands for Panasonic Viera TVs. Hopefully you guys can them into an update soon for everyone else out there with Panasonic TVs.
Looking forward to the 1.5 update!

The 6/17 update is great for Panasonic TV owners!
There are a couple of commands that didn’t make it in for what ever reason.
Here they are.




Previous channel is also still missing, but I was unable to find it in my searches. I might continue playing the guessing game so we can have a complete remote
replacement. Thats the only button from my physical remote that is missing.

In the default remote design I would like to see a heads up display like you get with receivers that tells you the current input and aspect ratio at a glance. Other wise, this setup is amazing! I really love the interactive channel guide! Great work Roomie Remote team!!!

Those 3 will be added to the next push. We’re planning one later this week actually.

Is there any way we can figure out the previous channel command using collect diagnostics?

I have a VT30 and use \x02LCH\x03 for Previous Channel

All the codes in this thread prior to this post were just deployed live.

Great! The Previous Channel command doesn’t work with my model. Oh well. Don’t really need it with the nice interactive program schedule.