Panasonic ub9000 control

Wow–this is an insane find. If only we could figure out what the hash or salt was for any of these.

I’ve recently stumbled back into this as I’m getting a whole home HVAC system (Aprilaire IAQ) with a special stat (8840 thermostat) that works with literally every automation provider under the sun (including Alexa and Google assistant) but not HomeKit. To get around this I’m going to try and use Assistant Relay to tie into Home Assistant and then bridge into HomeKit. Will be interesting to see how it works.

Will try and do the same thing with this Blu-ray player as it works with Google Assistant.

Great update–hoping you can get @Will_Price this info @codtrice!!!

Control for these devices has been added as part of tonight’s 7.0.1 release.

• Panasonic Blu-ray Player IP Control: Current models including the DP-UB820 and DP-UB9000 can now be controlled directly. [7.0.1]

It might also work with the UB420, but I was not able to test that before release.

Note that you must activate the Voice Control option in the Settings on the device (even though it seems otherwise totally irrelevant) as that switch also allows normal control.
• Voice Control: ON and registered at the Panasonic site listed in the UI
• Registration Type: Auto
• Networked Standby: On



For all of those interested in setting this up on their respective Panasonic 820/9000 players, I can confirm that it works. As indicated above, you need to follow the instructions and setup a simple account with Panasonic. After that I am able to control my 820 via IP. There doesn’t seem to be any live feedback. I am not certain if that is something that can be instituted.


The feedback call present in Panasonic 2012 models is there, but seems non-functional so for now I’ve hidden it. It just doesn’t return data that is correct. I was hopeful it might based on @taylorwmj post from Jun’20, but in my tests all of the data returned was bogus so possibly they disabled it in firmware since that time.

Anyway, it works. Since it is otherwise a nice player, and it finally works for IP control, great.


Got my UB9000 and 820 working on IP. Thanks for your help @RalphP

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Anytime Frank!


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It’s the Voice Control option on the Panasonic, not related to Roomie. That’s what leads you to their registration.

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I wanted to add that the Voice Control set up and web registration for the UB420 also works to turn on control over IP. It’s working great so far.

Panasonic made such a weird, roundabout approach to network commands, but at least it’s there.

Suddenly out of the blue my UB9000 doesn’t respond to commands. Ive checked everything from the Ip address which is manually entered not DHCP ( Still the same ) checked the voice control still active and connected, even checked the router device connected same IP etc. Nothing has changed on the iPad mini everything is the same. Any ideas ??


my current blu ray player had given up and therefore i’m searching alternatives and found the panasonic dp-ub824 which should have the same firmware like ub800, ub9000.

Therefore it’s correct that i can control this player with roomie?

If anyone can confirm that, it would be much appreciated.

Based on a quick Google, my guess is the 824 is just the German model? Almost certainly the same as the US model as far as IP control goes.

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Unnecessary to try to patch your firmware as Roomie does properly support the authentication.

However, if anyone does try to patch their Panasonic player, you would want to switch the codeset used by Roomie from the default to the old “BDT Series (2011/2012 Models)” from before they added the authentication step.

Removing the authentication will increase the responsiveness ever so slightly because every single command needs to be a double round trip in the normal players.

The process looks fraught with risk, so given it isn’t needed anyway with Roomie, caveat emptor.

Does Roomie show the total time of the disc being played?

We ask for it, but it only worked properly with DVDs in the 2010-2012 models (like, actual DVDs). Once Blu-ray came along, Panasonic started sending garbage data for that response. Then, with the authentication they introduced in 2018, it became a bad idea even to request the status because doing so might delay the double round trip authentication when the user pressed a button. Anyway, time feedback last worked around 2011 with DVDs only. Our time status request call does still exist though (and works today with a 2010-2012 player), so possibly it could return good data one day from a modern player if they fixed the issue in which case we would display it with no change on our side. We’re currently just dropping their garbage responses.

Total mess, unimaginable how far Oppo has come compared to Panasonic.

i know about

cCMD_PST.x=100 -d cCMD_PST.y=100

but this only show current time and works for BD

What query code? there is somewhere extended documentation about available commands?

With “patch” panasonic works with auto method and manual if we select 2011/2012.

Using automatic will spend time requesting authentication for every call, so if you have the patch then make sure to use the 2012 codeset to eliminate that.
Not gonna try this on our 820 until they claim it works with current firmware.