Panasonic ub9000 control

Any hope of ip controls? You can now control the 9000 thru both Alexa and google so there must be some type of api.

We believe there may be an API that exists for the DP-UB820. But there is not yet any indication of that for the 9000. At this point nothing is published so officially none of the Panasonic models support IP control. If there were genuine evidence of IP control such that we could work on it with solid leads, we’d acquire test units, but we’re not aware of any yet.

Don’t know if you’ve seen this, but the C4 does have IP control for the 9000. Some have also reported getting this driver to partially/nearly-fully work on the 820:“Pansonic”

That’s what I mentioned before. Someone would need to WireShark that and figure out the API because Panasonic does not publish it.

I have an 820 en route, but not C4. Was already planning on using wireshark to see what’s happening once configuring Alexa and issuing voice commands with it. I know you’ve already done a fair amount of testing with these two units–so if you’ve already done it and it’s turned up nothing I wont bother.

I tested the 820. You’re not likely to find a way into that without WireShark on an existing known-good protocol. Any Alexa stuff will be unrelated as it would be cloud based.