Panasonic ub9000 control

Any hope of ip controls? You can now control the 9000 thru both Alexa and google so there must be some type of api.

We believe there may be an API that exists for the DP-UB820. But there is not yet any indication of that for the 9000. At this point nothing is published so officially none of the Panasonic models support IP control. If there were genuine evidence of IP control such that we could work on it with solid leads, we’d acquire test units, but we’re not aware of any yet.

Don’t know if you’ve seen this, but the C4 does have IP control for the 9000. Some have also reported getting the driver to partially/nearly-fully work on the 820.

That’s what I mentioned before. Someone would need to figure out the API because Panasonic does not publish it.

I have an 820 en route, but not C4. Was already planning on using wireshark to see what’s happening once configuring Alexa and issuing voice commands with it. I know you’ve already done a fair amount of testing with these two units–so if you’ve already done it and it’s turned up nothing I wont bother.

I tested the 820. You’re not likely to find a way into that without WireShark on an existing known-good protocol. Any Alexa stuff will be unrelated as it would be cloud based.

So I’ve been able to at least get some REST commands working to get the current state (stop, play, pause) and playback elapsed time, but I’ve not been able to get any control of the unit working. All commands are POST. The RawContent value when sending commands gives a number (haven’t figured out what it means yet). Will have to mess around with it more Thursday or Friday.

Post the URLs you used that work for status. Maybe that will trigger something.

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Get Current Status:
curl -H "User-Agent:MEI-LAN-REMOTE-CALL" -d 'cCMD_PST.x=100&cCMD_PST.y=100' http://<IP>:80/WAN/dvdr/dvdr_ctrl.cgi

Response when stopped/nothing playing:

* Closing connection 0

Response when playing at 2077 seconds into playback:

* Closing connection 0

Response when paused at 2084 seconds into playback:

* Closing connection 0

In theory a power on/off command should be the following, but I get a wonky return message:

curl -H "User-Agent:MEI-LAN-REMOTE-CALL" -d 'data=cCMD_RC_POWER.x=100&cCMD_RC_POWER.y=100' http://<IP>:80/WAN/dvdr/


* Closing connection 0

52 is obviously not a HTTP/REST return code (which is 200 here), but it is a curl return code that can be given. It’s usually “Empty reply from server.” An incorrect command that isn’t on the list of Panasonic commands will give the following:

FE,"This operation is not possible because the main unit is busy with an operation or main unit could not be communicated with."
* Closing connection 0

Just as an FYI, this is all just from poking around and digging a bit. Haven’t gotten deep into packet inspection, MITM/proxy work, etc. yet

That’s the 2011 Panasonic BD protocol. So just try that codeset. Add manual Blu-ray, port 80, brand Panasonic, “BDT Series (2011/2012 Models)”. Let me know what if anything works.

AH—trial expired (not purchasing yet since I wanted to test a bunch of devices out) but I’ll purchase 3 months here to try it.

No luck–I already had tried that the other day and had no success :frowning_face:

Switch to beta so you can look at the logs. Then send them to support if needed. If we can get it working this way, that would be nice. If you don’t have access to beta, submit a ticket.

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Ok. Will submit a ticket.

Setting up the 820 as a BDT Series (2011/2012 Models) device and looking at the logs in the beta app didn’t product much. No matter what button I press the command cCMD_GET_STATUS is what appears in the log but no good data us returns. Only 52 followed by the random string of what looks like Unicode values.

Just need to scroll up. Use tickets so we can see it.

May have already been determined, but the response coming back from all the commands that don’t work is actually Japanese.
It’s stating “Certification failed” or “Authorization failed” depending on the translation engine (I used google)

So it sounds like they re-used their ancient protocol from 2011, but then added some undetermined authentication.

Hello…my friend told that the installer used either the UB900 or UB9000 driver to make the UB820 work w/IP control and the installer did also enable the Alexa/Google integration since that evidently helps on the UB820.

I discovered some information about the authentication that is used with the control 4 IP driver. The bad news is each command must be authenticated by a code that is unique for each RC command request sent. It worked like this on a UB9000:

Before each command this request is sent:

POST /cgi-bin/get_nonce.cgi HTTP/1.1
Content-Length: 12
Content-Type: application/x-www-form-urlencoded


The response is this:

Server: Panasonic AVC Server/1.00
Content-Length: 34
Content-Type: text/plain


And then immediately after, the command is sent to the player:
POST /WAN/dvdr/dvdr_ctrl.cgi HTTP/1.1
Content-Length: 124
Content-Type: application/x-www-form-urlencoded


The nonce response and and AUTH_VALUE are different for every command sent by the control 4 driver to the player. My speculation is that the driver probably has a hard coded key that is used to encrypt the nonce to create the AUTH_VALUE. And the player does the same calculation and checks that the AUTH_VALUE matches.