Panasonic Viera P60GT50 won't turn on

I bought all Roomie-Compatible devices… Panasonic Viera P60GT50, Denon 1913 Receiver, and Sony BDP-S590 Blu-Ray. I have added all the devices, but I cannot turn on the Panasonic TV. I have tried using the virtual remote for the TV and it doesn’t work. The “Wake on LAN” is on. The “Network remote contol” is enabled. The TV has a valid IP address and the signal is strong. I’ve started and restarted the router, modem, TVs, etc. but nothing seems to work. Any help would be appreciated.

Did you add the +WAKE ON LAN command to the Start Commands list or just turn it on in the TV menus?

If you’ve followed the FAQ and added the +WAKE ON LAN command, verify the MAC address shown in the device panel in Roomie matches the MAC address shown on the TV. Also, is the unit hooked up via Ethernet or Wi-Fi? We’ve heard of people having issues with the Wi-Fi before.

Thank you.

Thank you. I didn’t see that. Now the TV does turn on. When I hit “System Off” the TV doesn’t turn off. Is there something I need to do there? Also, “Power Toggle” is still in the list of Start Commands. I can’t seem to remove it. Is that a problem?

For that TV, we recommend disabling ‘Power for all Activities’ and instead adding a +WAKE ON LAN command to every activity and then a POWER TOGGLE to your System Off. Because the TV ignores commands other than WoL when off, that ends up working great.

Thank you.

I noticed that Roomie doesn’t “discover” my Apple TV. Is there an article about this?

There is indeed:

Thank you.

I disabled “Power for all activities” for the Panasonic TV, but now it doesn’t turn on. Under edit of the “Watch Tivo” activity do I have to then select the TV under “Power Device”?

You need to add +WAKE ON LAN commands to each Activity except System Off in that scenario.

TVs used across multiple activities are not a Power Device for a single Activity. Something like a Cable Box is the usual device one would use the Power Device option for.

Thank you.

Right now, for System Off, I have “+Wake On Lan” for the TV, “Power Off” for the receiver, and “Power Toggle” for the TV. The receiver turns off, but the TV doesn’t. Am I missing something?

+WAKE ON LAN turns the TV on. So having that in your System Off would cause that problem.

Thank you.

Oh, I thought it needed that to respond. Thanks!

I took out the +WAKE ON LAN. Sometimes the TV turns off and sometimes it doesn’t. Very strange.

If I have the TV has a “Power Device” under the activity, the TV does turn off.

Turn off “Track Toggled Power” for that. Because you’re not using toggle to turn the TV on, Power Tracking is not going to work there and is actually going to cause the exact problem you noted.

Thank you.