Panasonic VT 50 Input selection (over IP)

I have successfully replicated this Input selection method and can select any specific Panasonic VT50 (US) Input using two successive commands in Roomie. I am doing this over IP, and IR should work the same.

“Input Next” starts cycling if you do it twice, the key is to do it once and then use the numeric keypad Digit to select the desired Input. If you click Input on the Panasonic remote you will see numbers 1-7 in front of the Inputs.

Not sure why people where having problems unless they didn’t use the proper sequence. This is how I select HDMI 1:

Input Next (Panasonic TV Viera VT50 Viera IP) 200 ms
Digit 2 (Panasonic TV Viera VT50 Viera IP) 200 ms

Digit 2 selects HDMI 1 because Digit 1 selects ANT/Cable IN, Digit 3 selects HDMI 2 and so on until Digit 7 to select the PC Input. This also works using the Panasonic IR remote control, just click Input and 2 (on the keypad) to immediately select HDMI 1.

No need to cycle through all 7 inputs anymore. Essentially the “Input Next” label is misleading because the first time it only opens the menu, but the second is actually “Input Next”. :slight_smile:

Hello Frans, lucky you…

Maybe it works for the US tvs (like Wake on Lan) but this doesn’t work for EU tvs, we don’t have INPUT only button and the digits didn’t work when press Input Next, you need to understand the EU tvs are using different firmwares and not all the US commands are valid…

And, for sure we’re using the right command sequences

The only way to do some similar on EU tvs is to add the following commands:

AV: input next + cursor up + cursor up + cursor up + cursor enter

TV: input next + cursor down + cursor down + cursor down + cursor enter

This basicaly work if you start pressing AV first and you don’t press twice the same key

Other posibility is to use input next commands to change between activities but on this case you need to change at least once between TV and HDMI with the original remote


Ok, I saw a picture of the EU remote, and where the US version has an Input button at the top left, the EU version has a Menu button instead.

Mine looks like this:

Oddly enough I have found US reviews that show the same remote as the EU version, so there might be some differences there too. My TV has a September 2012 label on back. Sounds like Panasonic would have to address this in firmware before Roomie can help the EU folks and those with this remote: … tx-p50vt50

I can get this method to work using the VIERAremote2 App on IOS. The Input button pulls up the list of inputs, and then swiping over to the numerical input and clicking a number changes the input. Does this also fail to work on EU models?

I have tried using the VIERAremote2 App on a uk vt50 I cannot find a button called input. If I use the av button it brings up a list of the inputs if I then quickly swipe to the numerical input clicking a number does nothing. The inputs are also not numbered.

It is possible to remove the unused inputs so only a short used list appears. This can be toggled between av and tv using the VIERAremote2 but unfortunately it is not available on the Roomie Remote