Panasonic VT-50 Input

The VT50 is automatically discovered if your network is properly configured. This FAQ helps to ensure your network is properly configured for discovery:

Panasonic offers different options via IP, Infrared, and Serial. You may find for instance that explicit input control is often available only via one or the other. In the IP set, inputs are switched using an INPUT NEXT command whereas the infrared and serial sets offers extensive discrete input control.

But to be able to switch using the INPUT NEXT button you always needs to press “AV” with the original remote control every time you startup the TV.


I’m using roomie since 2 months ago with my VT50 and the only 2 important missing commands are:

1 - Wake on lan (EU model)

2 TV/AV selection (to select HDMI or TV)


FYI, i’m sure the AV/TV buttons should be able to configure because the “Viera remote” app for iphone have this option build-in

Lets hope they are able to add the AV/TV buttons as otherwise looks like I will be forced to buy the infra red option and hardware.

Sounds like this is an EU-only difference. There is no such button in the US (and no such button in their app).

Either we need someone who can WireShark the code on an EU model, or we’ll have to take some guesses. Given the way they do things, it is likely that guessing will work. Please contact support if you’d like to try some command sets with additional speculative codes.

Thanks for your answer, below link you can see a screenshot of the VIERA remote app in Europe:

I can help you trying to Wireshark codes if you explain me how to do it

I think this is the right area. I am trying to program Roomie to switch to a specific HDMI input via IP. “Input Next” feature will only cycle forward, but doesn’t know where it currently is.

If I turn the TV off on HDMI 2 while viewing a DVD, when i iturn it back on to watch TV “Input Next” rather than HDMI 1. How can I select HDMI 1?

Explicit input commands are available for Panasonic in both the Infrared and Serial methods.

Are you saying that they don’t exist in IP mode?

Panasonic only provides an input toggle via IP.

Then how is posible they are Able to change between AV/TV whit his own app vía IP?

I have been using Input Next followed by the keypad number (1 through 6). Those are the numbers in front of the Inputs on the screen. I haven’t done thorough testing yet, but it seemed to work to allow the selection of a specific input rather than always going only to the next one - can someone please validate?

Hello Frans, doesn’t work for me on my VT50