Panasonic VT30 Power On via IP

Roomie won’t turn my Panasonic VT30 Viera TV on via IP. I read the info on the compatibility list and enabled Viera Link, but it still doesn’t work. Once powered on, all other Roomie functions work. Did I miss something in how to configure the TV?

VIErA Link is not something you can just turn on with a single device. It’s dependent on your other system components. How you configure VIErA Link (or Anynet+ or the many other acronyms for HDMI CEC) depends on whether the various brands in your setup use a compatible CEC implementation, and there is wide variance as to how they all work.

At a minimum, to use HDMI CEC to turn on a TV, you will need a VIErA Link (or potentially any HDMI CEC device if you’re lucky) secondary device such as a Blu-ray Player.

The short story is that something like a Panasonic BDT-220 Blu-ray Player is probably the easiest solution for that set, and anything else is a roll of the dice. The best solution is just to assume that everything should be controlled via an iTach and then IP control is something you add on top of that. Unless you have a box that is 100% IP control (which does not include Panasonic TVs) like a TiVo, having iTach IR control as a fallback for every device is invaluable.

Got it. I thought Roomie was somehow sending the CEC wake signal. What you’re saying is that I should have CEC set up so that other devices I can turn on via Roomie would signal the TV. That should work if I set up CEC on my receiver. I will give it a shot. Thanks.