Panasonic VT50 2012 Wake on Lan

Hello all,

Roomie remote is able to find the TV and to manage most of the options (not GUIDE button) but not able to wake it on lan, i readed all the related FAQ and posts, i also tried entering the MAC address manually but doesn’t work.


I can’t find any WAKE on LAN option into the VT50 menu, only 'viera link" options.


Can somebody please help me?


thanks in advance


You don’t need to enter the MAC address manually. Roomie’s auto-detection handles that for you. You do need to add the +WAKE ON LAN command to your Start Activity commands however. Also, Wake on LAN must be turned on in the menus on the TV.

thanks for your response but i did it and doesn’t work, also no “wake on lan” option into the TV menu.


Can you please help me with more info?

Perhaps your model is a regional variation. How and where exactly did you buy that unit? The Wake on LAN option appears in the menu of the TV (we have a VT50 right here). Have you checked for firmware updates?


I have a VT50 from Panasonic too. I don’t have a wake on lan function in the menu. Bought the TV in germany.

Perhaps some of the European models could be missing that feature. Seems like a strange thing to remove, but we have seen a lot of strange feature removals with all the CostCo models, etc.

after some searching on the web looks like the european versions of VT50 comes with WOL option disabled, thanks panasonic!!

Is amazing we spend a lot of money in one of the best plasma TV of the market and they reduce drastically the TV posibilities with this stupid movements.


Anyway, do you know if shoul be possible to Startup the TV from any other way, by example emulating the Viera-Link commands?


my configuration at this moment is a Denon-3313 and the P65VT50

In general the best luck for VIERA Link is likely to be with an Onkyo receiver which at least has explicit commands to do things like turn on a connected TV. You may find that the Denon 3313 can also be made to work. It can be a little haphazard with things turning on or off unexpectedly to rely on HDMI CEC. We recommend IR control for the TV if Wake on LAN is not implemented in that variation.