Panasonic VT50 won't turn off

We just tried our test unit and it’s working fine for that command. Nothing changed relative to this. Perhaps it was a network issue? Try resetting everything in the chain and testing other commands. Also, check for the latest firmware for the TV.

the TV is at the latest firmware (though I’ll double check). Separately, everything else seems to work fine - I can control the rest of the TV and it powers on and works fine otherwise. It’s literally just the power off command that isn’t working.

I’ll try resetting regardless and let you know.

Just FYI - I figured this out. The TV had pulled a new address from the DHCP server, and roomie hadn’t figured that out. For some reason wake on lan was still working (maybe it’s mac address based) whereas the rest of the commands weren’t working (I was mistaken about that).

After updating roomie I set it to get a static lease on the DHCP server so that doesn’t happen again.