Pandora integration

Would it be possible to add some kind of pandora integration using AirPlay?


The way that is phrased is not quite how Roomie would do that. We don’t want to be your Pandora/Netflix/etc app. Those companies have their apps and in general have AirPlay support if you need it, and apps like Pandora also have URL schemes such as “pandora://” that let you launch them from Roomie. Roomie is for home theater control. We’re not trying to generate your content, we’re trying to manage and control the system.

However, where we will be adding Pandora support and similar services, is the following. The first and you will see this shortly with the 1.4 release is supporting Pandora via receivers. If your receiver has Pandora support, you can expect increasing support for various direct control and feedback via Roomie. Of course, we already control Pandora today simply by setting inputs and using cursor keys with receivers, but we mean real integration with songs, stations, etc. The beginning of that is coming in 1.4 for Yamaha. Much more to come.

I understand that roomie is a home theater remote but just like the guide integration the ability to view available stations and change them in the app would be great for those who do not have a receiver with pandora. Thanks for your time.

Though it seems silly, it’s actually much more straightforward for us to control Pandora through say a receiver, a Sonos box, a Squeezebox, or various other things on your network than it is to control another app. There is no real facility to control a Pandora app running on the same device as Roomie. For security reasons, Apple firewalls apps from each other quite completely. Pandora would need to add an API which they have not done to enable that. So the URL scheme remains the best bet if you want to use the local app. The only alternative right now would basically be for Roomie to build an entire Pandora client within itself. While conceivable or attractive in theory, if you play that scenario out we would need to build Netflix, Pandora, Amazon, Hulu, Rhapsody, etc. top to bottom in order for that to make sense.

Could you elaborate on how to use the “pandora://” construct? Is this something that can be launched from within Roomie? I’ve configured several custom devices into my config, but haven’t got my head around how to assign specific actions to individual buttons, such as this url call. Can you provide any tips or pointers?

While I’m on a roll here… assuming that I can launch Pandora from within Roomie, are there any other basic Pandora commands that are available? (like play/pause/stop) - or is this where the lack of an available Pandora API becomes the roadblock?

Many thanks

We have a FAQ on that here:

We’re not sure what commands if any might be offered via Pandora’s URL scheme beyond launching. The FAQ above may lead to such information.

Is there a way to use roomie remote and WD live (or a different network device)to run pandora? The problem is I have to be in front of a tv to see my pandora stations. I want to be able to change stations w/o a tv. Right now I stream from an apple device running pandora but if I have any wifi interruptions I lose pandora. So running pandora from the LAN would be preferred.

I echo the the string above. One one think there exists a device on the market that connects to the local network, plays streaming options (pandora, spotify, etc), but is controllable via direct IP, and participates in airpla y (similar to Sonos app / hardware basestation). The would complete my setup entirely. Roomie is the bomb - but would really replace all home control solutions (Control 4, etc) if this integration was feasable.

Just go purchase a Marantz, or Denon receiver, I prefer Marantz b/c the features/options are endless. Then you can really take advantage of everything roomie has to offer, and what it was designed/created to actually do.