Pandora Streaming Feedback for Pioneer Receivers

I have asked this before but with the version 5 beta in place now, I thought this will be a good opportunity to request this feature again.

By looking at the compatibility list, I noticed that the only well known brands of receivers which don’t have Pandora Album Art feedback implemented on them are Pioneer and Yamaha receivers. Most other well know receivers have this feature integrated into simple control.

I was just wondering, with the version 5 beta, if that would be possible to integrate the Pandora album art feedback for the mentioned receivers. I would really appreciate if you guys can do this along with other new features which will come along with the new version.

I really don’t want to replace my receiver, just for lack of this feature.


This usually has nothing to do with our side. We implement whatever the receiver exposes, and usually a lot more for example via our reverse engineering of the Yamaha and Denon app protocols that allowed multiple connections.

Yamaha and Denon have both made major enhancements to their protocols this year which we’re adopting in 5.0 Home/System apps.

Since Pioneer got bought out by Onkyo a year or so ago, they’re not quite their own protocol/entity anymore and their protocols have generally switched to Onkyo’s protocols. If we see any appreciable user demand, we’re likely to update to reflect that, but we do already support Onkyo’s protocols and haven’t seen anything significantly new from them this year on that front.

As far as going back in time to a few years ago and adding features to legacy Pioneer receivers, it seems very unlikely Pioneer would do that at this point given that they’re not even using said protocols anymore in any recent model.

Thank you.