Panny HTS IP control

My Panasonic SA-BTT490 home theater system has WiFi and the setup can allow remote control connections via IP…like the roomie. And it actually shows up in the device list for IP control.

However, it does not appear to have any commands that can be sent. For instance, what I really want is the discrete commands for INPUT SELECTION. The freakin’ remote does not have this. In operation, when one turns it on, the HTS is at the HOME screen–which is like the top-level setup screen. To get to HDMI1 (which is connected to the Zone 4 HDMI output from my SC-67), I have to continually hit the iPod (aka RADIO/EXT-IN) button until HDMI1 appears.

I want the Activity “Watch DVR3” to power the unit on (discrete ON), select HDMI1, turn on Zone 4, and select HDMI3 (DVR3) on the SC-67.

However, this device not show up (yet) on the IP list.

Sometimes our auto-discovery is a bit too accepting and can list devices that are not actually on the supported list:

That is the master IP control list. Anything not on it is a gamble at best. (There are devices that work that we don’t list as we haven’t verified them, but generally the list should be considered the final word.)

You could try to trick it into acting like a Panasonic BD player just to see if it would work, but you certainly wouldn’t find input selection commands in that. If those exist, they’re much more likely to exist in the infrared set.

Somehow, the codes eventually showed up. However, roomie does not believe it can control the volume. I have checked the command list and there are no volume buttons. I’ll have to ping Panasonic to see if (a) they have these controls available via IP; (b) if they have discrete on/off controls; and © if the have discrete input select controls.