Passing Parameters to a HTTP Device using the DDK


I have had a quick play with the Roomie DDK and have successfully controlled my HTTP JSON based device. I want to be able to configure parameters for the command within the Roomie app. However I can’t see reference how to do this in the DDK. Other devices I have seen have the ability to set Parameter 1, 2, etc. But I can’t see how to do this for my device, nor use it in the HTTP command.

Thanks in advance for your help.


That’s on page 11 of the DDK. Parameters are automatically injected using the methods described at the top of the page.

Thank you.

Not sure we are on the same document. Pg11 talks about reserved key names and formats.

Pg 13 talks about dynamic custom parameters, but does not cover any that can be configured in the Roomie app.

At the moment, for example, in the LightwaveRF device when you select a command there is an option called “Parameter 1” which allows you to select the switch you are controlling.

For the device I was trying to create I wanted to have similar functionality to set a parameter which could be different for each command issues.

Hope this make sense!


The section on this is titled “Injection Commands”. It starts on Page 10 and ends on page 11.

Thank you.

Great got it thanks!

Is there a way to create a device wide parameter that you would only have to configure once upon adding the device?



Page 13 covers many parameters that could be used like that.

Thank you.