PC Mouse / Keyboard Control

I have a PC connected through an HDMI to my receiver, in turn connected to the TV. This allows me to do streaming - Netflix, HBO Go, MAX Go, Showtime Anywhere, Hulu, iTunes, etc. - without having to purchase a second device such as Apple TV. Also, basic tasks such as scrolling through Photo Albums with the family, watching home movies saved on the computer, writing papers or emails, web browsing, are very convenient when the screen is right there instead of dealing with a tablet or laptop.

Will you please create some in-system app that more or less copies the logitech one you can download for free from iTunes for the iPhone/iPad? Basically, just have something I can download on my PC that connects wirelessly to the in-Roomie app, so I just click the icon you create on my iPad, then it turns into a blank screen, where my finger is the mouse. Then, at the bottom, allow me to choose a keyboard for typing and the like.

Sorry if this already exists and I’m just missing it. But it would be quite convenient and extend the versatility of the app exponentially.

I second this request, I am now reaching for a mouse / keyboard, when a basic mouse control would work. 4od on ps3 ( because they foolishly made a small icon in the middle the play button )

I third this request, add VNC control like HippoRemote. Basically it’s normal VNC but without reciving the screen updates. I just sends the mouse and keyboard. The end effect is just like what Cremer is describing - a black screen where your finger is moving about like a touchpad.

I know Roomie was designed for home use but I’ve been using it for about a year now at home. It’s very reliable and roomie does a great job at constantly adding Ip control devices!

That being said I’ve had several people contact be recently wanting to upgrade there conference rooms “control system” (xantec CSPLCD64VW) the company that originally installed them did a terrible job of installing them and client asked if there was a way they could replace there Xantec control with iPads. I know I could use other solutions to accomplish what they want but it hard to beat the price of Roomie and the simple easy to use UI.

These Roomie has all the RS232 and contact controls needed for projector, screen, mask, ATV, A/V receiver & lights .

The only thing it lacks is a keyboard and mouse for Mac and Windows with wake on lane. If it had these 3 things I’d push Roomie on more of my smaller jobs.

I’d also be nice to have keyboard and mouse when I use Mac minis for iTunes servers/ DVD ripping. It’s not very often a client needs a keyboard or mouse when they rip disks but from time to time they do. Right now I use hippo or Mobil mouse. In my case I don’t need all the extra stuff. Just basic keyboard and mouse.

One other thing I’d like to see is the ability to set password for configuration changes.


I registered in order to be able to put in my vote for this as well. Love the look of the app but I have converted all of my cable boxes to home theater pcs and would love more integration than what I currently have. I currently use a Harmony and a separate keyboard