Philips Hue commands

Need some more information about Philips Hue integration with Roomie Remote.

  1. How to make “LIGHT EFFECT” command to work? I tried to write “colorloop” in Effect field but it dosen´t work.

  2. Is this possible to send “alert” command from Roomie?

From Philips official API –"We have some extra fun resources supported by the bridge you can play with.
“effect” – this resource is for dynamic effects and currently only supports two values, but we’ll add more in the future. {“effect”:“colorloop”} puts the lights in a color looping mode until it is stopped by sending {“effect”:“none”}.
“alert” – this resource is for temporary effects and more may come in the future. At the moment to make the light do a blink in its current color send {“alert”:“select”}
3. Is this possible to use “groups of lights” from Hue bridge instead of repeating every command for separate lights?
4. Is this any use today of “Lighting Area” under “Edit Activity”?
There is only two parameters: none and default and there is no others options.



Yes, you can put the lights into colorloop mode now. Just use a .LIGHT EFFECT command and enter “colorloop” as the command. You will need to add the quotes as well. We’ll fix it in the next library update not to require the quotes on that command. The “alert” command will be added then as well.

Thank you.

Great news, waiting for next library. Thank You :slight_smile:


Entering “colorloop” even with quotes dosent work. There is also undocumented api feature for color loop effect in HUE. You can change speed of color loop. Too bad I can do that with hardware LC remote only right now.



You’re right, .LIGHT EFFECT wont work until the next library update which should be shortly.

Thank you.

First, thank you so much for adding the phillips hue commands.

Ive been playing with the commands and looking at commands that the Hue has and I have a few requests:

Id like to be able to group lights, for example “stage”. Along with this, It would be nice to be able to select more than one light at a time. I have 11 bulbs so to turn them all on, same brightness, color, requires 11 actions for each one of those items. Along with this, an ‘All On’ and ‘All Off’ action would be nice too.

I really really need to be able to set the state of the bulb. From what I read the Hue hub stores the last state of the light but theres a command to change it. Having it go to the last state really takes away from the effects. For example, if I want all the lights to turn on and be red, it will currently do it but it starts with the previous state. So some will turn on blue, white, yellow, etc and then turn to red. If you could send the state first, then turn the bulb on, it would eliminate this.

I think these bulbs are really going to catch on in the home theater realm. I just did the wiring for my theater and using these bulbs allowed me to just wire one zone and then use your app to control them a lll.


I just wanted to elaborate on the importance of being able to set the state of the bulb w the hub even if the bulb is off. if a bulb is off, and I send a command to set the hue to red it won’t do anything. i wanted an activity that turns the bulbs on one at a time to full bright red. It order to do this and have them start red (not blue or white of whatever the last color was) I had to:


turn on every bulb

set the brightness of every bulb

set the hue of every bulb

turn off every bulb

now my state is correct but you visibly saw all of that hhappen


now I can turn off every bulb. Then start my activity of them turning on one at a time and being red and bright.

if you could set the state then none of the first half would have been visible


That’s just the way Hue works. Perhaps they could change that in a firmware update but if you tell a particular bulb to change Hue while it is currently off, the command is ignored.

Thank you.

The new .LIGHT EFFECT and .LIGHT ALERT commands are now live.

Thank you.

I agree with Roomie. Its upp to Philips to make it possible with firmware upgrade and I think Its possible because Hue bulbs are in standby mode as long they have power. From other side there is many situation when reading previously state make sense but it could be great to have this functionality too so I hope Philips can make it happen.
Only (half?) solution to minimize it today is to send brightness command always at the end (but Its still visible):


Light On/Set Hue/Set Saturation/Set Brightness


Light On/Set brightness to 0/Set Hue/Set Saturation/Set Brightness to anything.



Great news! Thank You for this update of .LIGHT EFFECT and .LIGHT ALERT

.LIGHT EFFECT works perfect .LIGHT ALERT works too but it could be difficult first time for other users to figure out to write (select) as value for this command. There is no gray out help text for this command field and “Parameter 2” is saying nothing. Maybe it could be better to make it work exactly the same as .LIGHT ON/OFF commands because you don’t have any other parameter to choose for .LiGHT ALERT than (select) and which bulb You want to use. So putting automatically (select) and hiding it from users could work better for everyone.

Thank You again, I’m very happy :slight_smile: Alert command is cool and the best part of it is that it works always, independent of ON/OFF state for bulbs. Effect is also cool even if today there is only color loop but I hope that Philips can put more of them in the future with firmware upgrade. I’m still searching for command parameter to control the speed of color loop. I can do that with Philips hardware remote control for Living Colors lights so Im sure there is one.

Mariusz - what do I need to type for Alert to work? I could not get it to work when i tried it .

Type: select (to flash bulb once) or: lselect (to keep flashing bulb for 30 sec)

I like the hue system, but it isn’t quite as functional as I’d hope.

Is there any plan to allow commands to be sent to a group of devices? I can use indigo to interface with the hue and then use roomie to talk to indigo - but I’m kinda hoping to get rid of indigo altogether as soon as I can. Additionally, if I go that route, I don’t have the fancy UI for controlling the bulbs.

Also, any plans for timed actions in Indigo once iOS 7 is available? It would be great to let a copy of roomie prepare rooms based on the time of day and other events.