Philips Hue - Possible to Group Lights in Roomie?

I’d like to use Roomie as my defacto Philips Hue controller. But I can’t seem to figure out how to either group lights or to control a scene that I’ve set up / saved using the standard Hue controller app.

Any suggestions?

Thank you


Have you already updated your manifest so it shows all the bulbs connected to your bridge? If not, do that 1st. Then you should be able to just add buttons within the hue remote design. Just follow the same format as the ones that are defaulted after the manifest is updated.

Yes, I have 12 bulbs and all 12 show up. And I can control them all individually. But any scenes that I’ve created using the Philips app do not show up…

Yea you will need to open the remote via “edit” within the activity, and add a button for each scene you want to control. You’re going to pretty much create the scene by adding commands within each button, for each scene, that you add/want to create. Its probably going to be pretty time consuming. I have 12 bulbs myself, and ive only done 2 so far.

You can also create a button to turn on/off the color loop lighting effect. I used the “rocker” button for that.

Got it… I’ll try that out. Thank you

I don’t understand the Color Loop concept… kind of a novice at this.

The color loop slowly cycles thru all the main colors. Its pretty cool. They slowly fade from one color to the next until you stop it.

You can also create all different kinds of “recipes” on but they wont be able to be programmed into Roomie. There are recipes that will for example: Turn all of your lights to blue if it starts raining. You can create recipes that’ll change the color of your lights to whichever color your specify if you get tagged on FB, or if you get an email, etc. You can also set your lights to dim/brighten to a certain level at a specific time every day, or change to a certain color at a certain time everyday, and things like that. Recipes are very easy to create all you have to do is register on ifttt, and select which channels you want to use as triggers, then start creating.