Philips Hue Scene Recall

It is possible to add a command to recall a Philips Hue Scene. However, scenes are recalled by an ID, not a name, and I don’t know the IDs. The Hue iOS app that creates scenes does not appear to indicate the scene id, and the hue web app doesn’t show scenes or scene IDs.

Any idea where I could find my scene IDs?

Sounds like you’re running an old version. V5 presents you a list of scene names for Hue.

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Hi. I’m using version 5. The scene id field doesn’t show a list of scene names. It just seems to be somewhere I can type a value.

You do need to update the manifest in V5 to reflect that.

Hi. Yes, I’d already done that. The manifest shows up as a series of lights. The default action can be used to turn each light on and off. But adding a scene recall activity for the hue bridge just yields a text entry field for the scene ID.

You should ask Support to look at it as we do provide scene names now.