Philips Hue Sync

Any plans to support Philips Hue Sync? I have Philips Hue working with ambient lighting around TV. The addition of Hue Sync is powerful, but I have to control that via native app after-the-fact. Would love to have the integration all together in Roomie Remote.

Have not used this. Given a Hue setup, what did they do for this? A quick Google seems like you need a PC running some kind of desktop app to make it work? That seems absurdly obscure. Is this mainstream, a PC desktop app is definitely not that? Anyway, if there’s a straightforward way for me to set this up I’m happy to look at it. Also, what does “control” mean to you in this context? Shouldn’t their sync just work with the TV? What kind of control do you want for it?

Philips Hue Sync Box is an appliance that dynamically controls Hue lighting based on the dominant color of video that is passing through it. Although you can use Hue Sync Box as video switcher (up to 4 HDMI sources), I use my AV receiver to switch sources. . . AVR has single output to Hue Sync Box. I can turn on/control AVR and Philips Hue lightstrip around TV. However, lightstrip is constant white (or any particular color I want). Because the Hue Sync Box isn’t on, the ambient lighting of the TV lightstrip does not dynamically change color with the dominant color of whatever I am watching. This dynamic color shift based on content is what the Hue Sync Box brings to the equation.

That API is immense. It’s doable because it’s based on Hue which we have, but actually a fair bit more complex than Hue Bridge. Anyway, it will take a fair number of user requests for this to add it because we’d need a test device. This would take forever to get working without a test unit and since the units are pretty expensive, I’d have to feel like it was very popular within our user base.

K. Understand.

Update: today, Philips Hue has an app, and Philips Hue Sync Box has separate app. Looks like functionality of Sync Box app will get folded into Philips Hue app and deprecated as a bespoke app. You'll soon be able to control your Philips Hue sync box from the main app | Engadget. Would this happen to make it easier to integrate Philips Hue Sync into Roomie Remote?

Modifying their app to do more of their stuff doesn’t likely have any impact on their API.

SYN ACK (Understood)

The Philips Hue Sync app works with Siri Shortcuts. I use URLs to integrate the Shortcuts into my Activities. You can set it so the URL automatically switches to the Shortcuts app, runs the Shortcut, and switches back to the Roomie Remote app. There is also an option in the Hue Sync app to program IR codes for each command.