Philips TV Input issue

If the operation you want is not available on your physical remote and not available in Roomie’s command set, it is likely the discrete command doesn’t exist.

In the event you were to find such a discrete command on the net somewhere for instance, it could be added to Roomie using the DDK:

The physical remote allows switching inputs but it’s relative to the input you are on. To go from HDMI3 to HDMI1 I click “Input”, “Up”, “Up”, “Select”.

However I won’t know what input I am currently on to program this? I’m assuming other TV’s allow input switching more seemlessly?

Input switching was a major feature I was hoping to use this for. I’ll read thru the customDevice FAQ but I’m assuming this won’t help?

When I click “Input” on the Test Remote there are “Antenna”, “AV1”, thru “AV8” but none of these change the input on my TV.

Sounds like I’m stuck?


Thanks for any advice

I guess if my physical remote doesn’t have a “HDMI1” button? Is that what you were referencing?

Yes. In other words, if Philips didn’t manufacture the TVs to understand such discrete codes, and they didn’t put them on your remote, then nothing can be done. The best hope would be that they may have made the TV understand them but not put them on your remote. Contacting Philips may be one course of action.

This is all a little greek to me but I found this that I thought might help me? I don’t understand some of the terms so I was wondering if they made sense to you? (t mentions HDMI but then don’t see the option in the list. Sorry to bother…


Discrete Remote Codes for zapping to extensions
The TV shall support discrete RC5 commands to directly zap to any extension (including Front/Side, HDMI,…).

Rationale: Users (& special dealers) have to be able to make special applications with our TVs and they want to be able to select directly certain functions, like direct selection of externals, screen formats etc. (so direct RC codes).

The commands:
RC5 3,05 and 3,58 Side/Front
RC5 3,04: Ext1
RC5 0,57: Ext2
RC5 3,56: Ext3
RC5 3,57: Ext4
RC5 3,123: Ext5
RC5 3,06: Ext6
RC5 3,07: Ext7
RC5 3,08: Ext8

Remark: The extension numbers above refer to all inputs of all regions - the exact connector depends on connectivity configuration

Do you have an original URL for that info? We feel like we’re missing context reading that. … mote-Codes

I’m not knowledgeable enough to decipher it, but I thought it might hold some promise to helping my situation. Thanks for looking at it.

All of the discrete codes on that thread are already in our main library. They are labelled “INPUT AV1” through “INPUT AV8”. Have you tried all of those?

Yes, I tried all options on that screen. The one that worked was “Scroll” which would bring up the input choices. then I can go back to using the up/down arrows to choose. but that won’t work for programming a device. Which TV’s seem to work best with Roomie? I might choose another TV for that room if there aren’t any other options. Thanks for your feed back on this issue.

Are there not other users that have issues changing input like this?

It’s very rare for the discrete inputs to be removed. We’ve encountered it before and the most common reason is that users bought a special CostCo model. Manufacturers commonly defeature their TVs when selling through wholesale at rock bottom prices and surprisingly discrete IR codes are included in the features that get removed.

By far, the most IP controllable TV on the market and the one with a fairly universally recognized best picture quality for 2012 anyway is the Panasonic VT50 and GT50 series.

Outside the Panasonics, Sharp is also broadly IP controllable with various models. A missing piece in the marketplace right now are smaller TVs (22" - 32") with full IP control as far as we’re aware.

While many other TVs have reasonable IP control without power control, TVs from manufacturers like Samsung are all best controlled via infrared at least as a starting point. In general, discrete input control on the TV itself is currently best via infrared for almost every TV with the exception of Sharp/Elite.

I just got off the phone with Philips and the customer rep said no such discrete codes are available for their TV’s. I’m not sure of his knowledge level but… I guess it’s time for a new TV. Thanks for your prompt help on this issue and I hope to have Roomie working well for me soon!