Pioneer 9G Kuro Plasma Control via RS232

I was able to successfully control my Pioneer PDP-5020FD with the IP2SL. I used a straight through cable, set the Baud rate to 9600 in the serial settings & selected Pioneer TV PRO-150FD. This set up should work for any 8G or 9G plasma with a RS232 port. I was also able to control my PRO-141FD via IP by manually entering the IP address, selecting Port# 4201 & selecting Pioneer TV PRO-141FD. This setup should work for any 9G monitor (PRO-141FD, PRO-101FD, KRP-500M & KRP-600M. I hope this information will help other Pioneer Kuro owners control their display via Serial or IP control.

Thanks for posting this. Following your lead I was able to set up my Pioneer PRO-101FD for IP control.

I’m far from an IP expert, so I thought I might add a few setup details that I encountered, in case it helps somebody …

After connecting your Pioneer 141FD or 101FD to your router via ethernet, go to the Pioneer’s Control Setup menu and set IP Control to Enable and DHCP to On. Then click on IP Address – when you add your Pioneer as a new device within Roomie (following the instructions in the previous post) that’s the IP address to use.

Note that in my case I had to back out of the Control Setup menu and go back in before I could see a valid IP address (at first it was straight zeroes). Also, the Pioneer’s IP address has extra zeroes compared to the IP addresses for my other devices in Roomie ( in my case). I don’t know if that matters but I entered the number in Roomie exactly as it shows in the Pioneer, and it works fine.

BTW, I see that Roomie has updated their IP Compatibility web page to include the previously unlisted Pioneer PRO-141FD and PRO-101FD. Cool :slight_smile:

Hello - I am new to Roomie and I have a Pioneer Pro-151FD and a Pro-110FD. Both have ethernet connectors but neither has ip control listed as a feature, I believe that is included in the 141. I have tried manual setup anyway with the ip address and port 4201 but have been unsuccessful. Guessing this confirms that neither has it. Moving on. The owner’s manual provides no detail on the RS-232 port other than to indicate ‘for factory use’. May I assume from the above that this port can be utilized for control with an IP2SL?


Much thanks. These sets are the only things (beside a PS3) that I am unable to control via ip.


You are welcome, I am glad my post was able to a fellow Kuro owner! My original intent when creating my post was to help others & to get Roomie to add the 9G monitors to the IP compatible charts (they still have not listed the KRP models which are the same). You are absolutely correct with the additional steps you mentioned to enable IP control, I should have mentioned them in my original post.


You will need to purchase an IP2SL for each of your Kuro’s. Only the 9G monitors (PRO-141FD, PRO-101FD, KRP-500M & KRP-600M) can be controlled via IP. The ethernet ports on your models are only for the Home Media Gallery & don’t offer IP control. The RS232 port that says for factory use is where you will need to connect the iTach to. You need a straight through serial cable or RS232 to Cat5/6 adapters with Cat5/6 in between (which is what I use). The Pioneers default baud rate is 9600, so you will need to pull up the iTach interface on your browser & set it to 9600. When I set up my PDP-5020FD I used the PRO-150FD as my TV & it works. It is easy to do & I can offer additional technical assistance if needed. One issue I have found is that the inputs for the Kuro’s are mislabeled incorrect on Roomie, not a big deal just figure out how the inputs match up & you will never need to mess with it after setup.

Can you suggest a RS232 to RJ45 adapter to use?

Will this do - … 00899XM36/ ???



jansimon so if you use a ip2sl and a RS232 to rj45 adapter you can give your 151 elite a ip control like a 141 elite? let me know thanks rcapprotti


Sorry for the late reply. Yes you can control a PRO-111/151FD with and IP2SL and a RJ45 to ethernet adapter. Here is a link to one on Amazon that will work. … et+adapter