Pioneer BDP LX55 (UK) Blu-Ray Player Display feedback issue


I’ve noticed that the playback display feedback that shows current chapter, elapsed time etc is inaccurate. The elapsed time clock quickly gets out of synch with the player e.g. a 1 hour 40 min movie showed an elapsed time of 3 hours 50 minutes by the end! Also The elapsed time line shows only 0:00 at each end. The current chapter displays correctly. I am using the latest firmware for the player (3.18).

What we need to figure out what’s going on there is the result of the “Collect Diagnostics” command while the player is playing such a disc. Ideally, we would do this with Roomie 1.5 as the Collect Diagnostics feature there is significantly easier to use. Nevertheless, 1.4 can get us the data as well as it is still unclear when Apple will post 1.5. Could be today, could be two weeks.

We’d recommend waiting a few days and then using 1.5 for this. If it’s not posted by say Tuesday, we can use 1.4.

To collect the data, just turn on Collect Diagnostics, use the player during the points at which the problem exists, take a couple of notes if possible like “player says 1:30 at 8:30pm, but actual value is 2:45 on the front panel”. Then with Roomie 1.4, the simplest thing to do is restart the whole iOS device and run Roomie. That will force a background upload to us. Then make sure to turn off Collect Diagnostics. With Roomie 1.5, instead simply tap the “Send Diagnostics” button. Then email us any of the notes and the time of day that the test was performed and we’ll take a look. Thanks.