Pioneer Elite Plasmas: PRO-151FD and PRO-110FD

Both of these sets are connected to the home network via ethernet. Roomie isn’t finding either one and when I enter the ip address manually it offers up two different (older) model #s and neither of these work. I primarily just need it to turn them on and off … that’s it. Everything else is controlled through the A/V receiver.

We don’t list those models as supporting IP control although that doesn’t necessarily mean they don’t. If they do support IP control, they probably run it on port 4201. If that works, please let us know so we can update the compatibility list to add them. Selecting the command set for the 141 is probably the most compatible option.

Thanks for your help. Unfortunately - it did not work. While both of these sets have ethernet connections - it appears it is for the set’s Home Media Navigator option (streaming of home photos and videos). The 141FD did offer ip control. I was hoping to be able to get this done without additional equipment as everything else works via ip (accept the PS3). Looks like I would have to take the ip to serial option.


I first posted this reply in my thread that I created a month ago. You will need to purchase an IP2SL for each of your Kuro’s. Only the 9G monitors (PRO-141FD, PRO-101FD, KRP-500M & KRP-600M) can be controlled via IP. The ethernet ports on your models are only for the Home Media Gallery & don’t offer IP control. The RS232 port that says for factory use is where you will need to connect the iTach to. You need a straight through serial cable or RS232 to Cat5/6 adapters with Cat5/6 in between (which is what I use). The Pioneers default baud rate is 9600, so you will need to pull up the iTach interface on your browser & set it to 9600. When I set up my PDP-5020FD I used the PRO-150FD as my TV & it works. It is easy to do & I can offer additional technical assistance if needed. One issue I have found is that the inputs for the Kuro’s are mislabeled incorrect on Roomie, not a big deal just figure out how the inputs match up & you will never need to mess with it after setup.


I have confirmed that the following Pioneer Plasmas can be controlled via IP: PRO-101FD, PRO-141FD, KRP-500M & KRP-600M. (Use port 4201 & enable IP control in display menu settings)

I have also confirmed that the following Pioneer Plasmas can be controlled via serial port: PRO-110FD, PRO-111FD, PRO-150FD, PRO-151FD, PDP-5010FD, PDP-5020FD, PDP-6010FD & PDP-6020FD. (iTach adapter must be set to 9600 baud rate)

I hope this will help update your compatibility list & other satisfied Roomie user like myself!


Thank you. Exactly what I needed to know. I’m off and running.

For the 151 FD, did you select the serial codes for the 150 or the 141?

Use the PRO-150FD for all 8G & 9G Pioneer Plasmas except got the monitors. Use the PRO-141FD for the monitors.