Pioneer Elite SC-25 Zone 2

I’m trueing to contol Zone 2 for Pioneer Elite AV Receiver SC-25. The default remote for All Models Zone 2 has only small set of commands available. I need to use digits pad and cursor to control Home Media Gallery/Internet Radio. How can I add those commands without learning to GC(Using GC IP2IR).? When I enable Keypad to show in the remote it still does not show up. I assume because there are no corresponding IR codes?

To control HMG via IR on that model, you would add both Zone 1 and Zone 2 as devices. You would probably then want to customize a Remote Design combining the remote for Zone 2 with some of the HMG commands you’d like to use for that.

As a side note, that model is also compatible with Serial control for which you don’t need to do any of that.

Thank you for quick responce, on the weekend!.
If you can please provide more details for novice. I already have Main zone in the same room. In activity setup I have
Opens Remote - Zone 2 receiver
Remote Design - I tried both Zone 2 or Main zone designs.
Main zone design does not show any of the buttons that don’t have corresponding IR codes. so they look identical.
Here is where I’m confused. If i add keypad and cursor pad manually I have to assign numbers, directions to the pads. I can get those commands only from Main zone set. Unfortunately they do not work for me on Zone2 . I thought it’s a completly different set of IR codes for zone 2 vs Main zone.

The codes for that model are published by Pioneer, we do have them all:

There are no special IR codes for Zone 2 for cursors or digits. Cursor commands are only relevant in a main zone context for that model.

I could not find zone 2 and 3 codes for the SC-25 in the serial code data base. Would you add them to the library if it is not there already please.

Roomie has mentioned that sc-25 zone 2 is also supported through serial commands. I can’t find those commands under 2009 models. Only the main zone is there in the code library. Could you help me find it please.

The commands for that model are very limited. The “Older Models Zone 2” should handle that.

I already tried the older model zone 2 but it does not power on the receiver and it shows a virtual remote with different options that looks like a main zone remote design.

It’s the correct set. Z2 Power On is likely to require multiple commands carefully timed on that model per the document we have previously linked for you and again here: … -RS232.pdf