Pioneer Elite SC-72


I’m looking to get a Pioneer Elite SC-72 since it’ll allow 1 device to run all my zones in my apartment, but I’m not seeing it specifically listed on the devices list.

Do all SC-* models just follow the same protocol (and thus it’ll work if I choose a different model on my remote setup) or is it more involved than that?


All of the 2013 SC models from Pioneer should work well. We have updated the compatibility list.

Thank you.

You are saying that SC-72 allows to run all your zones. I am just wondering how would you set it up to control a recent model blu-ray player which has no composite and component output via only one hd zone out put of the receiver for the third zone.

I am trying to set up my blu ray player for my third zone but since the player does not have any component out puts, I can’t use the component hd zone of the receiver for my third zone. The hdmi hd zone of the receiver is already feeding my second zone.