Pioneer Elite TV IR


I’m setting up my Roomie but not having any luck with being able to control my Pioneer Elite PRO-151FD (Kuro) TV at all. I’ve tried both the Code Group 1 and 2. The IR flasher lights up, when I test the remote, so I know it’s sending the signal, but TV doesn’t respond at all. I’m using the stock flasher that came with GlobalCache an I’ve brought the flasher all the way up to the IR port on the TV to make sure it sees the IR.

Anyone out there with a similar TV and had luck getting it to work? Thanks in advance for any help.

We have our test unit 150 set to 2 retransmits. Standard diagnostics per our FAQ on this topic should help you resolve that which is probably just to set the Retransmit Count.

Thank you. I was able to get it working. I realized I had the blaster in the wrong port, and it was transmitting the IR far enough to get to the TV.