Pioneer SC-35 gets 169.254 IP

i just started using this software last night. i’m trying to control a receiver in my living room and one in my theater. i have directv in both rooms and it shows up in the menu immediatley. neither receiver will show up in menu. the ip address assigned to the directv in the theater is, the pioneer sc-35 is coming up with a ip of i tried to turn of dhcp and assign an address of the compatibility list said the following: All Zones AutoDiscovery (Port 8102) so i set the port to 8102 with the listed ip address. i could not get receiver to show up at all. i tried using a switch and the used my linksys router as well nothing changed with the ip addresses. what am i doing wrong? thanks for any help you can give me!

An IP Address starting with 169.254 is basically not an IP address. It’s called a Link Local Address and it means the Pioneer is not setup for your network properly. If you can’t get the Pioneer to hook up to your network properly, we’d recommend contacting Pioneer support as those models were known to have some issues with their network cards.

pioneer tech support was worthless and said there is no known issue with the network cards. i’m a little upset as the suggestion was to get it serviced and there was never a network cable plugged into it. i guess my only option is to spend the 100 dollar serial connection instead of the free network hookup. i don’t want to go ir because of the limited capabilities.