Pioneer SC-65 Device

The Pioneer SC-65 is supported as noted on the compatibility list.

When I try to add the device the only option is gives me is a VSX series. Is that the one I should select?

Under a normal network configuration, you wouldn’t need to ask that question because Pioneer receivers are automatically discovered and Roomie therefore automatically selects the appropriate command set for your model. Perhaps you’re just referring to the screen where you select the zone?

If for some reason you had to add a Pioneer receiver via Manual IP, then yes the VSX Series set is what you would select along with the appropriate zone you want to control. All modern Pioneer receivers 2010 forward are considered VSX series. SC is just the branding they put on the higher end models.

I, having the same problem…jamielee78 question I think was when setting this up, not manually, once our Pioneer Elite SC-65 is popping up via auto recognizing the device via IP found, the device model isn’t automatically discovered. Roomie finds the device, but the model must be picked… I have tried this every possible way and this is the case actually. I have options of 2009 models or older zone 1, older models zone 1, or VSX series options… I’m stuck using an outdated remote asthe remote doesn’t’t come close to what my brand new 2012 SC-65 offers!

All of the commands for the SC-65 are in the VSX series command set as we’ve noted above.

Everything works thus far using VSX Zone 1, Thank You for your help!