Pioneer SC-68 input change

Hi all - Newbie to Roomie. Roomie found my SC-68 and my Panasonic Blu-Ray player. I built my first activity and both units will turn on and off properly. My problem is I cannot get the SC-68 to change inputs at start up of the activity. Test remote changes the input fine and after the activity starts I can use the virtual remote to change to the blue ray input. I have tried setting the input switching to the Panasonic and I have tried adding the start command, input blu-ray. Neither or the combination of the two seem to work. The SC-68 stays on the input that it was shutdown on.

As a newbie, I would guess that my problem is either “Delay Next Command” in the activities start commands or perhaps a combination of repeat commands and repeat interval (although I would think the latter is more for IR control not IP). So far I have not found the “Magic” combination. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I think that IP control has great implications in my configuration!

Typically that would just be a matter of adding a Delay Next Command to the prior command. So the POWER ON would have a Delay Next of something like 500-1000ms. Another good thing to do is just add the input change twice in cases like that. Add it as the very first command with only 100ms delay, then add it again with the full delay after the power command. Doing that means running the Activity again later will immediately switch the input if the receiver is already on.