Pioneer SC-68 SiriusXM Curser Keys not working

Hi Roomie List - First, thanks for the really prompt reply on my last information request. The delay fixed the three activities that I was trying to setup! They work great!

Now I want to add an activity to listen to SiriusXM via an internet account. I have the login account setup and it works well using the IR remote. I setup a SiriusXM activity in Roomie. It starts correctly and goes directly to the root SiriusXM page. At this point I found that I am unable to use the cursor keys and the enter key to select a genre. Basically I have no control of the screen. I thought that perhaps I choose the wrong remote, “All Models Zone 1” but I can press the receiver menu button (the little house) on the cursor pad and it takes me to the receiver’s menu. I then have full control with the cursor direction and enter keys.

I searched the forum for Sirius and found 3 discussions. The only one that Sort of fit was about a newer Denon receiver and the need to manually add the receiver to get full functionality. Is this a similar issue with the SC-68?

This is just part of the input upgrades from Roomie 1.6. That input “SiriusXM” needs to be added to the upgrade list internally. Meanwhile, just create an Activity on your Receiver set to a custom Remote Design and assign the HMG CURSOR UP, etc. named commands to your Directional Pad, and you will be able to control the cursor keys on that input. Pioneer switches which set of cursor keys actually do anything based on which input you are on.

Heh Roomie - Again thanks for the fast reply. The custom remote works great. Roomie Remote is the Bomb!