Pioneer vsx-1120 not working

It is discovered as an ip device. I can’t control it as a 2009 zone 1, all model zone 1, older model zone 1


Anyone gotten an older pioneer to work?

The 2010 Pioneer models had serious IP bugs, you’ll find a lot of references to it and that model specifically in these forums. Check the IP Address on the unit. One of the common issues is that can’t talk to routers well and so it backs off to a link-local IP Address that begins with 169.254. Another issue with them is that almost any plug and play device such as a Yamaha Receiver, and many others even on the same network will cause the 2010 Pioneer models to crash.

You may want to consider serial control for it instead. Another option that might work is to try to isolate it onto a private subnet so that the rest of your network doesn’t crash it. Usually unplugging it will bring it back to life for a while.

I see that now. I switched it to IR control. It works under IR control but I might get a newer model.