Pioneer VSX-1123-K HDZONE IP Control

I am trying to configure Roomie with my VSX-1123-k and can get it to auto discover and work appropriately with Zone 1 but not with my second zone. New to this model is a zone called HDZONE to display an independent or simultaneous input out of the second HDMI out port. I tried using Zone 2 through 4 in Roomie but none let me control the new HDZONE. I can control it through Pioneer’s iControlAV2013 so is this something that can be added in a future device update in Roomie?

That should be easy to add, but Pioneer hasn’t released the codes for that model yet. When they do, it should appear on this page: … om-Install

We’ll add any new codes specific to that model as soon as they’re available.

Thank you.

I just bought the receiver and am seeing the same. Please advise.

Looks like they have published the codes for HDZONE now. We will get those added shortly.

Thank you.

As it turns out, they did not add new codes. The “HDZONE” from the 2013 models is simply a marketing rebranding of the same feature they had last year when they called it “Zone 4”. So we already have the codes for all of that in the existing “All Models Zone 4” set.

They did add a couple of minor commands separately to activate/deactivate HDMI output 3/4, and that is going live as an update.

Thank you.