Pioneer VSX-43 Config - not Discovered

I have a VSX-43 and trying to set up newly downloaded Roomie Remote. It’s on the IP compatibility list, but i’m having some issues. Note that the Pioneer ControlApp sees the device and works just fine on my network.

Bascially the device is not being discovered automatically. I see other devices on my network (iTach, iTunes, Apple TV, Tivo), but the VSX-43 is not showing up. If I put in the IP and port manually some things work (volume up/down but not volume slider, power off works but not power on).

One possible clue - I don’t have the remote for the VSX, and while I was able to access the main Setup OSD Menu, I have not been able to get to the Network setup menu. Is there anything I need to do on the VSX to make it discoverable by Roomie?


There is a segment of 2013 Pioneer AV receiver models that don’t get auto-detected right now. Those will be auto-detected in the next release, but that has no impact on control when added manually using port 8102.

Anything regarding the commands on the unit would be unrelated to discovery. The power on issue is undoubtedly just the Network Standby setting per the FAQ:

Thank you.

That was it - network standby issue. Also did a firmware upgrade and all good since then.

Amazing product, I’m sold.