Pioneer VSX Receiver

First off amazing application. I have already figured out what I would consider to be some advanced scripts like turn on devices, set channel, and volume. Very amazing!

I am looking for any Pioneer VSX owners who may have figured out how to tune a favorite Internet radio station. I will try to use cursor commands but I am wondering if there is a better way to accomplish this.

Again amazing product. I look forward to adding an IR control and Insteon devices in the future.

So far cursor commands are not working. There appears to be an issue with Cursor Enter command not working.

Which model of Pioneer VSX receiver are you using? Setting a radio station on Pioneers is most easily performed by setting a Preset on the receiver and then directly accessing that preset from the command list.

VSX-1021 but this is for the HMG Internet Radio not the FM Tuner.
Steps are similar to:
Select Internet Radio
Enter for favorites
Enter for first folder
Enter for first station
(Keeping things simple.)
Seems like the Enter/Select command is not working.


Hi, Pioneer’s HMG commands for cursors, play, stop, etc… are different than their other cursor command in other modes. I am actualy controling my Pioneer SC-25 receiver through harmony remote control right now and in order to have the HMG internet radio working with my harmony remote, I had to learn my harmony remote the IR commands from my original remote because it was not in their database. Since then everything works great. As a matter of fact I asked a similar question from Roomie that if I can have a two way feedback of my Pioneer receiver’s internet radio function displayed on the roomie remote like the volume feedback and Roomie responded that they will add those features in their 1.5 release. You can find that in the request features section under the Two way feedback.
Good luck