Placing message windows on screen during a longer macro is r


would be great if it would be possible to place a message window on the screen during a longer macro is running. The window should stay as long as the macro is running and keep the user from being able to press other buttons. My start-up sequence (Start system) is running nearly 7 or 8 seconds until all devices are ready to use. It would be great if this time the screen would be blocked by a message window telling the user what is just happening…

+1 typically i have the issue when starting up my TV:

it’s a sony and therefore i have to do a wake on Lan and wait around 30 seconds (it would be could to also be able to tweak the exact ms for delays), before being able to adress commands to the tv. For me it’s not a problem but for all the other users it is very painfull and they usually don’t understand and they trying to push buttons again and again, messing with the delay at startup.



I have a tube-based preamp that takes 30 seconds to warm up. Until that time has elapsed the mute button is on and the system doesn’t respond. Then a mute command is required. I would love to be able to integrate this component into my macro, incorporating the 30 second delay. But I need to be able to display a “please wait” message to prevent users from repeatedly pressing buttons because they are confused when it doesn’t respond.