Play Music Services directly from Sonos Guide

Will and team,

It would be great to extend the functionality of the Sonos Guide to play an favorite or playlist with a single click in the Sonos Guide. It works with Pandora and Tune-In but does not work with Spotify and Amazon Prime Music which would be my first two services of choice. :smiley:




Is there a plan to fix the Sonos guide to browse and play pandora, spotify, apply music playlists, stations, etc?

Sonos has been saying for several years that they’re going to add services to their API, but that has not happened. So every integration out there is hobbled in that area. The issue of Spotify is even greater as they allow no scenario when you can do anything but use their app, that’s just a Spotify thing. Even HEOS and SoundTouch, which both provide more integration than Sonos, do not provide anything for Spotify other than exit to the Spotify app.

The .TRANSPORT SET and such commands do still work in ways that no other product I’m aware of enables.

If by stations, you mean Radio, that works fine. If you mean Sirius XM, that’s different. Normal Sonos Internet radio works fine. The Music Library also works great. It is up to Sonos to allow services at this point. Indications are still positive FWIW. While this is the goal, it’s also important to remember we are on iOS not some custom control platform. The Spotify app is one swipe away and can be multitasked right alongside Roomie.

Understood. Do you know if the local music library integration will still work with the sunset of iTunes and introduction of the Music app? I agree this works well with SC today. One way I get around the lack of music service integration on the guide is adding buttons that use TransportSet commands to start various music services. It would be great if V6 offered a way to add custom “global” buttons for music services/favorites, etc that show up in every sonos activity, otherwise it takes a lot of repetitive programing for multiple activities.

It seems the .Transport set commands no longer work properly or consistently with the latest Sonos version. Are there plans to at least integrate Sonos favorites into Roomie - either via the guide or commands? I realize you can view favorites in the Sonos guide via roomie, but pressing on a favorite does nothing. Allowing Roomie to load Sonos favorites would be a huge improvement to the integration. Thanks.

I was just testing .TRANSPORT SET and .TRANSPORT QUEUE SET days ago. They work as well as they did before which means they work well with some services (Internet Radio, Music Library, Pandora, etc) and not at all with others (Spotify, etc). Favorites works well too within the bounds of the services that work. See my previous message above on that. Nothing has changed with regards to what Sonos offers in this area since that time. What you want is for Sonos to provide an API for service browsing and control, and that does not exist. Feel free to encourage them to provide that. What we provide remains equal to or greater than anything else AFAIK.