Playing a source in two separate zones

I have a situation here and would like to see if anyone will have a good suggestion.
Let’s say I am using my blu ray player to play something in my living room and media room at the same time. I have created two activities (watch blu ray) for both zones.
How can I set up these to activities when I power off the activity in one zone like living room, it doesn’t power off the blu ray player since it is still being used in the other zone media room?
If I remove power off from the “on stop” section then it would never turn it off when switching sources in that particular zone.

Any suggestion will be much appreciated.

You’re coming at the problem as “there is one device and it is active in multiple rooms that can each be toggled by room.”

One Roomie way of expressing that would be “there is one Activity shared in multiple rooms and within that you can toggle each room.”

So create one activity in the room “Home” called “Watch House Blu-ray”. Now you have a few choices. These include (1) create separate activities in each room that launch the central activity – this will require shutting off the central activity separately when finished, (2) add individual room activation buttons to the Design for the central House activity, or as Inline Activities to the Home room activity list.

Personally, turning off Blu-ray Players is a huge waste of time as they use almost no power. So in most rooms I just have a Watch House Blu-ray activity and they all turn on a central Blu-ray Player. Nothing turns that player off because that’s irrelevant to me. If I really wanted to solve that issue, as I do in certain other devices, I would create an automation that simply sends a power off to that device every day at 10pm for example.

Thanks Will. This was a thorough explanation which makes sense.
If there was a conditional command for input setting just like the one for power, it would solve this issue too. We could make a condition that if the power is on for the receiver in the main zone and the input is set to BD then don’t turn off the blu ray player.

Just a thought but thanks for explaining the existing options.

I have found that many BD players have a setting that puts them into low power mode after a period of inactivity. Some allow you to set how long before this happens and whether it goes to sleep or off, but usually it needs to be sleep if you want to be able to wake it up via an IP on command. Thus I don’t send commands to power off my BD or Media (Dune etc) players and just set them to go to “sleep” after an hour of inactivity.