Please add header support for url activity

It would great if I you could extend the URL command to support the ability to add header information. Specifically in my case I would love to be able to use an authentication header. This would save me from having to create and or modify custom devices via the DDK every time I add new capability and programs to controllers and some other systems in the home.

Exampe 1 - Send a rest command to an ISY which requires an auth header.

http:///rest/netorking/resources/ which executes a network resource


http:///rest/programs/ which executes a program on the ISY



That level of complexity with arbitrary HTTP headers is inappropriate for a UI. We do allow adding and changing basically any headers in custom devices. That is the right solution for something that precise and complex. ISY program execution (including the authentication) is already a built-in command via .PROGRAM RUN and its many relatives.

Perhaps your real issue is that you make changes to your custom devices (which are normally pretty static) and thus the process of updating that has too many steps to perform on a regular basis.

Thanks Will, Good tip on .program run. I can accomplish any integration in need to do in the ISY and the use that to trigger from Roomie. Appreciate the help/reminder.


I am assuming you are using ISY version 5x.x., I just upgraded from 4.7.x to 5. There is 4/5 second lag in executing ISY commands from RR 6.x. Do you notice the same ?