Please add Lock Support for ISY with Zwave

I would like to see lock support added for ISY994i with a zwave module. (Lock, Unlock and Lock State feedback). ISY states even include jammed which is nice to be able to see.



I posted a similar request some time ago, and as a work-around, I bought a Z-Wave outlet, plugged a nightlight into it and did the following:

  1. I have an ISY program running STATUS on the lock.
    a. Unlocked, the “Then” turns the night light on (and turns a keypadlink LED on).
    b. Locked the “Else” turns the light off (and the keypadlink LED off).
  2. The SC (lock status display) button is set to control the Z-Wave outlet with the nightlight, with brightness (on / off) feedback toggling the lock / unlock icons on the SC button. Thus, although the button toggles the light, its real function is to display the lock status.
  3. I use two more ISY programs: one to unlock and the other to lock the deadbolt. These programs are controlled by: Two more SC buttons (unlock/lock) , the Insteon keypadlink LED (toggle) and two Insteon mini-remote keys.
    Using a Z-Wave / nightlight as an intermediary between Z-Wave works well in practice. It acts as an alarm that one of our doors is unlocked, but it is the tail wagging the dog. Maybe, in the future, SC will implement our request to allow a button to respond to the locking and unlocking of a Z-Wave deadbolt in the same way it can respond to the switching of a light.

Thanks for the suggestion. Agree that it would be nice to not do one of these work arounds. The big thing for me is that the isy is not cloud dependent. Simple, any update on this request? Please please add this!