PLEX and media guide... where is it?

Hello All-

I am on a 7 day trial with roomie remote and only have a couple of days left. I have some basic activities configured and they seem to be running OK but I am having 2 issues:

1). I watch PLEX via an Apple TV or directly from my MacMini using PLEX media player. When I set these devices up there was a spot to put my username and password for both the AppleTV and the MacMini using PLEX Media Player but there is no media guide for either device. Is there a setting I am missing somewhere?

2). In the upper right corner there is a power icon that I assume you use to shut everything down at once, when I press that nothing happens at all. Is there a separate place to program that power button?

My impression so far is that roomie is a very impressive product and I hope someone can help me get these two issues sorted out!


  1. You need to discover the Plex Media Player as a device on your Apple TV. Open PMP on your ATV, then go to Devices in your ATV device and tap the Discover Plex button. After reloading everything, you should then be able to access your Plex media assuming your Plex server is configured per the Compatibility page.

  2. Activities->Room Name->System Off.

Note that these are both in the Setup Guide which is really highly recommend (required) reading for setup.

I was able to figure #2 out.

Your answer to my first question seems cryptic. I have been a user of PLEX since version 0.78 and I am extremely familiar with its operation. If I could break down your answer and have you explain I am certain you will answer not only my question but several others before me and those that will try this after me:

a). “You need to discover the Plex Media Player as a device on your Apple TV.”

What does this mean? I have the PLEX app downloaded on my Apple TV and I just login into my account from the app and it loads all the media. What do you mean “discover … as a device”?

b). Open PMP on your ATV, then go to Devices in your ATV device and tap the Discover Plex button"

Plex Media Player (PMP) is a macOS app. I have the app running on the latest version of the MacMini and I sometimes watch PLEX using Plex Media Player on the mini but there is no Plex Media Player for the ATV. I usually just watch PLEX from the ATV app. I click a movie it plays from within the app. SO I am not sure what you are referring to when you say “open PMP on your ATV”.

A few other items. The port listed in roomie remote is 32433 when PLEX is on port 32400 both internally and for external access. When I try changing the port to 32400 and save and then go back in and check the port it reverts back to port 32433 - could this be the issue?

When I search the documentation and do a command-F and search for PLEX al I get are hits for complex, etc… nothing comes up with PLEX.

I sincerely and truly appreciate your help and look forward to your response!


PMP exists on macOS, ATV, Shield, etc. – we are compatible with any PMP implementation. This is distinguished from non-PMP Plex implementations such as the one that runs on Roku.

What do you mean “discover … as a device”

The button in your AppleTV Device in Roomie’s Devices panel. Don’t get creative with ports, let auto-discovery do its work and handle that for you.

Would love the ability to select/exclude Plex servers/libraries you do not want included in the guide


I have the Apple TV device selected and then I launch PLEX app inside the ATV.

a) I go to roomie remote on the iPad mini in the devices section.
b). I select ‘Plex media Player’
c). I enter my username and password
d). hit save

and NOTHING happens. How did you get it to work? What am I doing wrong/missing? I appreciate your help…


See above. Your steps do not match the description. The special Plex discovery button for Apple TV is inside the Apple TV Devices panel.

I figured that out. I. just deleted and reset EVERYTHING and started from scratch. The first activity I added was the Apple TV and then found PLEX and it was found and the guide was added. It’s SOOOO cool!

Now I will add the Plex Media Player on the MacMini and hopefully everything goes smoothly… looking forward to building more and more actions/activities with roomie. A really great app - especially on the iPad mini. It’s a perfect combo…