Plex Media Guide Apple TV

I did as instructed on the release notes for the latest version of simple control.
Go to devices, Apple TV, advanced but I don’t see the discover Plex button.
All I have is it’s IP address, port, network identifier and allow DACP discovery.

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In the background, we’re discovering the Plex servers on your local network, so if you don’t see the button at all, that is the problem.

I had the same problem. I had to turn on the “Enable local network discovery (GDM)” option in my Plex Settings in order to get the “discover Plex” button to appear.

However I still don’t see Plex appear in the media guide for my appleTV. What should the expected behavior be here once this option is enabled?

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After you discover the Apple TV device for Plex, enter your Plex credentials into the resulting Apple TV Plex device. Restart any activities. Activities based on the main Apple TV device will then use the new Plex Apple TV device as their guide.

updated to version 5.7.1 now it works perfect.