Plex Media Guide


I’ve been trying to set up Roomie with Plex on my Mac Mini. Roomie detects it fine and I can control it OK but I can’t figure out how to get the Media Guide to appear. I’ve attached a screenshot of what I see. I do get an error message about authentication, but like many other users, I don’t have any credentials to enter.

I’d appreciate any help.




XBMC and Plex have grown into two very different products. The existence of the Media Guide for XBMC does not therefore mean there is a Media Guide for Plex. We do support various forms of Plex feedback, but a full Media Guide is a major feature you can be sure we’d announce loudly if we added Plex. It sounds like starting a Feature Request thread for a Plex Media Guide would be what you would want.

Thank you.

Thank you, that was driving me nuts!

I’ll get over to the feature request thread and add my 2 cents!

Thanks again,