Plex media guide

I have all commands working fine, but nothing I do can get a Media guide to come up when in Plex, so I do not get the pretty icons at the top when I am playing movies / TV shows. I am in the UK, could this be the issue or should it work anyway?

I’ve deleted and recreated the Plex device loads of times, but no luck…

I’ve seen a few tickets like that over the years. It looks like it’s usually a misconfiguration of your Plex server. Support can assist in narrowing it down.

Found it. It was the Plex password entered in the device area. I had changed the password, but cannot have updated my password manager.

So for anyone else who has this issue, if you can control Plex OK with SM but not see anything in the guide then check your Plex user name / password is correct

Will, as a suggestion is it possible to add a routine checking the password as its entered, currently there is no indication that its right or wrong?